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Originally Posted by SemperFi1775 View Post
as servants to their power grabber masters, they shall interpret these laws by the letter...

just think about it, the more "criminals" in the system, the more secure their jobs are...why would they go against the hands that feed them???
By the letter of this bill, as written, any magazine that was originally designed and built for fewer than 10 rounds is legal, regardless of the length. Any other interpretation reads too much into (b)(1), or reads it wrongly.

If you have a handgun that never had magazines designed built to hold 10 rounds or fewer, you will be out of luck when this passes (unless and until somebody makes some available) . But purpose-built 10-round (or fewer) magazines that happen to have the same length as a large capacity magazine do not appear (to me) to be made illegal by the letter of this bill.
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