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Originally Posted by gigglemonkee View Post
Was in San Marcos Turners today and they had in some mp15, ak47 and others but said since other shops were gouging people they were going to charge higher than before plus require 400 bucks in accessories or optics if you buy any "black rifle"
You're an idiot.. sorry.. but you are..

They could have just raised the price $400 and they still would have sold.. this way you get an optic..

You have zero concept of a supply and demand economy.. I KNOW you don't own a business because you would be out of business..

Tired of all the "be FAIR!!!" hippy talk..

In any event, I bought a Mini-14 today at Turners for $799.. was $750 before the panic and they are selling online for a LOT more.

Raising prices when supply is short and demand high (ON LUXURY GOODS) is NOT gouging.. it's called a market economy. Maybe you need to move to some sort of socialist county?
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