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Originally Posted by Movin&Shakin View Post
V - yes that is my quick disconnect THANK YOU for noticing that. I think that little thing cost forty bucks. Anyways, you can hold it until the next Appleseed in Corona. I'm going to try to come with a few friends I've talk to about it and want to come. My son also wants to qualify badly. This time we'll bring a lunch so we can sit and enjoy the stories and overall be a little better prepared. I hope it isn't as windy this time. See you in a few weeks.

Originally Posted by V View Post
No problem, will do.

By the way, if you or your friends do decide to come it would be real helpful if you could pre-register on eventbrite. This is the link for August 17/18.

It helps me get the right number of instructors to volunteer if we have a more accurate gage of how many are coming.

Hey, missed you man! I had your AR-15 QD which I lent to someone in need, I figured you wouldn't mind. Don't worry, I got it back and they made good use of it 220 Rifleman patch on their first Appleseed. I'll have it at the next shoot in August - hint, hint

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