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Default Please support Corona Appleseed Event this weekend


We only had four shooters at the last Corona event in May despite having 10 signed up online and usually getting a number of walk-ons at this location.

We have only four shooters signed up for the event this weekend June 15-16.

There is room for 30 to 40 shooters on the range assigned to us every month. This isn't a problem for Appleseed per se, we are unpaid volunteers in a non-profit organization, but we may have future problems persuading host ranges to guarantee us blocked out weekends for a range if we can't bring in enough shooters/range fees for them. Raahague's have been great supporters for us so please bring our your friends this weekend.

If people are having trouble rounding up ammo or are worried about "wasting" ammo on high round count training please understand that we would rather help people make the best use of whatever ammo they can spare rather than not turn up at all. Please let people know about this event, bring them, whatever rifles and ammo you can round up and come out for a great weekend of shooting. I promise we will make it worthwhile for everyone even if we have to up the "dry practice" ratio.

See you all on Saturday.

Online registration for August 17/18 weekend is here

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