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...continued from previous post.

"I have a friend who is in a wheel chair and would like to come as I'm sure there may be vets who are in chairs who may come also. Is the entire event accessible to people in chairs?"
All ranges, including the Zombie Outbreak Range, will be accessible to all. We look forward to seeing you and your friends!

"Are we allowed to bring our own food? Are BBQs allowed?"
Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food. However due to fire hazards wood and charcoal BBQ's are NOT ALLOWED, only propane BBQ's are allowed at Burro Canyon Shooting Park.

"Can we go the day of the event and pay cash for the firing line and the zombie outbreak line?"
Yes. But remember that registration will close at 7pm, so arrive before then. Preregistration is the best way to go because your sign up will be quicker, you're guaranteed a spot, and if you preorder the limited T-Shirt you're sure to get your correct size. Otherwise you take your chances, not a good thing with a hoard of zombies chasing you down.

"Quick question on targets... I know steel targets are not allowed at Burro Canyon Shooting Range, but is there is a problem with wood targets held together with screws?"
Those will be fine.

A California State "Zombie Hunting Permit" will be issued to all participants at check in. Note that it is only valid on November 3rd, and limited to the Burro Canyon kill zone. CGN will not be held responsible if you attempt to use the permit outside of those parameters.

"What kind of prizes are there for the Zombie Costume Contest?"
Contestants will have a chance to win an AR lower from Franklin Armory as well as other prizes. Registration for the contest is free, contestants must be present at 4pm and the contest will start at 4:30pm.

Are pumpkins not allowed due to their color?
Pumpkins of any color and gender will be perfectly fine. Basically NO RED or ORANGE glowstick or other light sources will be allowed to light up your target. Any other color glowsticks are acceptable.

Can anyone confirm that I need to layout all the clay pigeons and spray them all a different color than orange?
No need to spray paint them a different color. They will be fine.

Do we know what the T-Shirts are going to look like?

If I'm participating on the Zombie Outbreak Range I'm hoping to use my AK, AR, or SKS bayonets on the zombie torso rather than a knife. Is this allowed?
Yes. Sizes S through XXXL

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