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Originally Posted by ExtremeX View Post
Anyone think a Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 FFP is too much scope in terms of physical size and magnification for an SPR?
Depends on the application, and also personal preference. I used to run a 4-14X44 FFP scope which was pretty heavy at around 27 ounces. Combined with a heavy PRS stock, the entire package was quite heavy at about 12 pounds. It made for very stable long range shooting with lightning fast follow up shots. At 200 yards that gun would keep everything within a 10" circle as fast as you could pull the trigger (Out of state with 30 round mag even). It was also quite a bit heavier than I wanted, and kind of a pain to carry for any length of time.

I have since replaced the scope with a Leatherwood 1-4X CMR which is about 10 ounces lighter. I also replaced the PRS stock with a lighter weight MAGS EFX-A1 stock. Overall weight is down to just over 10 pounds. The weight and balance of the rifle now seem a lot better, and the lower powered CMR scope is still very capable at longer ranges (out to 700 yards anyway). I do occasionally miss the extra magnification, but overall I like the rifle much more now than when it was set up with the bigger scope. It's much more versatile now, which I think is more in keeping with the original intent of the SPR design.
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