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BLM Ukiah Update:

I sent the following email to the BLM contact person four days ago. No response yet, so I'll try by phone again today. While we don't have to have their 40CY dumpster, it sure would simplify things. Also, we need their help closing the range while we clean up.

I am interested in helping to organize a group of people for a cleanup of the shooting range at North Cow Mountain. I understand that from time to time the BLM organizes a cleanup and that you are the point man for this effort.

We would be interested in participating in your cleanup, if possible, or may be interested in organizing a separate cleanup, depending on when you are planning your next one.

It may be that if you are able to arrange for a dumpster, we could supply the labor to fill it.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding this, as well as what we need to do to proceed.

When I have more info I will start a new post with a poll for various dates so we can pick one when more people can be there.

Thanks to those who have expressed an interest in coming out! The rest of you, don't be shy! This range is a great resource and it helps a lot to show the BLM that a there is a group that cares enough to come out and work. Further, while we say it is BLM land, actually, it belongs to us. It would be a shame if we couldn't get enough people to make a big difference in one day.
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