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Please include me. I'll send you a PM. I'll can't guarantee I'll make it because of the distance and other adult responsibilities but, since my in-laws live within 15-minutes of there and we always enjoy visiting them, it's likely that we can swing a trip out there.

Originally Posted by Donnovin View Post
They are also in the process of setting up interim rules prohibiting use of firearms anywhere but at the range to help prevent the trash that you see along the sides of the roadway on the way up to the range. They would like to cleanup these other areas as well.
Also, with regards to this, I have to say "thank God." Not only was there several road-side messes left, a couple of derelicts were target shooting across the roadway about a 1/4 mile from the range area. When we approached they stopped, allowed us to pass and waived hello, and continued on. I never argue with an unknown person holding a loaded pistol, so we moved on.
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