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Default Laser sight on pocket pistol?

I'm just wondering what people's thoughts are on laser sights on a pocket pistol being carried as a primary self-defense weapon. Since there are competing philosophies as to where the "sweet spot" is in balancing concealability, stopping power, and reliability, I guess I should add I'm opting for a lightweight J-frame revolver (the S&W 642). I'm leaning against something like the Crimson Trace grips as being an unnecessary point of failure; best to KISS and train with the plain old iron sights.

I preferred the revolver over the pistol for its edge in reliability and its capability of being fired from a pocket (at the expense of some concealability), and went with my own personal minimum acceptable caliber in a primary self-defense revolver. I don't see myself carrying larger handguns as often as I might carry something small and light that fits in a pocket.

So what do you think? Are the advantages of a laser sight so powerful that they outweigh whatever added bulk and weight and dependence on fresh batteries that would go with it? Just checking.
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