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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
I think some clarification is in order Rizzo,this forum is not about segregating gay gun owners from the rest of the forum.

'Gays With Guns' is an organization the does firearms training and outreach within the gay community. This is a demographic that is normally not engaged at all on 2A at best and antagonistic to 2A at worst.

This forum was set up to give the Gays With Guns org a place to communicate with it's members, set up classes and hopefully bring them in to the wider 2A community.

2nd Amendment rights belong to everyone and the more people we get involved in self defense, recreational shooting or any other shooting sport the more people we have with a vested interest in protecting those rights!


Happy that this community has found a home here. I'm a Q in the alphabet soup, but an LGB ally, and while I'm not certified, I'd love to be involved in safety training in the SF bay area.

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Originally Posted by Unknown
"I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns." -Unknown (possibly Tim Moen)
Originally Posted by Allhailflintlocks View Post
Gun owners need to be the new illegals - undocumented firearm possessors if you will.
Legislator "logic":
Originally Posted by Dezrat View Post
Before long, the Feds via A.D.A. will probably require manufacturers to include Braille markings to accommodate blind shooters.....
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