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Originally Posted by readysetgo View Post
Voted: Split by firearm type (Handgun/Long gun)

Mandatory Location (County) in the title or automatic deleted/locked. People who can follow simple instructions tend to be better marketplace users IMO.

If seller has combo of long/hand gun, the burden is on him to post in the appropriate section. It's easier for a seller to copy/paste most of the info (terms, location etc) then it is for buyers to sift and sift through the ads.

eta: or go back to the old way and ENFORCE "location in the title" requirement.
This. Split handguns / long guns. I don't have all day to read through offers I'm not interested in in the first place. I have specific interests and assume I'm not alone in this. Then have a mandatory location posting. I can now weed things out. The old system was just too cumbersome. Which ever way this goes, PLEASE do not go back there!
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