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Originally Posted by 1to3 View Post
Really, you are basically calling me lazy due to preference to see the listings in a way where i dont have to spend hours to find out if there are only 3 things available in my area? Nice

Im perfectly happy with long gun and hand gun being in one thread section... as I usually am interested in both. However Ive spent over an hour searching through all of the listings to find only 3 things fit what im looking for and in my region. Yes, id like to save time! ive found tons of listings that i would like, that happened to be over 8 hours from me... therefore useless to me unless i want to drive/fly to get it (twice if i have another 10 day wait.)
You're also assuming 100% of members will actually post in the correct thread, as it was they had plenty of "location ?" follow ups already. Face palm that.
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