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Default STG-44's In Stock! Finally!

This little 22LR rifle is smooth looking, fun and cheap to shoot. It's a great gun for those looking for a plinker, target shooter or something to blast away the afternoon with.

The ATI STG44 Rifle 22LR comes in a pine box with a cool presentation and a 10 round mag. Extra mags are arriving shortly. The rifle is about as true to form to the original as one could reasonably expect, it looks great, fit, finish, everything.

ATI STG44 Rifle 22LR


You can reach us through the following avenues:
18065 Mount Shay St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Store Hours
10am - 7pm, Mon - Fri
10am - 6pm, Sat, Sun

phone: (949) 209-6413
fax: (949) 435-7907

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