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Originally Posted by Gavelek View Post
I tell you honestly, if I am at the gate with my trunk full of guns and the cop stops me asking me do you have any guns...I will say yes... and what follow next I don;t know, that's why I am trying to ask you guys for your opinion on different scenarios...and then everything comes back to the issue should we register or not...
You're driving at 90 in a 55 zone when CHP pulls you over.
Officer: "do you know how fast you were going?
You respond:
A. "I was locked at 90, Officer." Honesty is the best policy, right?
B. "Probably about 75, Sir." Acknowledgment of human error is always helpful. And 75 is better than 90.
C. "How can I help you today, Officer?"

In answers A&B, you have confessed to a violation. You have just written your ticket.
In C, you have responded to the inquiry without incriminating yourself.

"Do you have guns in the car?
A. "Yes, and they are unregistered assault weapons."
B. "No. And you can't search my car without a warrant".
C. "Why have you stopped me today, Officer?" Followed by, "Am I free to go?"

Two issues:
1. What to say to cops. You should follow the law. The law says you don't have to respond. The law does not require you to answer. Don't confess to crimes.
2. Should we register or not. You should follow the law. The law seems to allow you to change the weapon to featureless or requires you to register it. Don't commit crimes.

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