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Originally Posted by dieselpower View Post
A guy who gets paid to shoot a person in the head at 500 yards doesnt buy a $3000 scope from an "off-brand"
Point in fact, that guy doesn't buy anything. The unit or agency he's attached to buys it. He doesn't have much of a choice other than to use what he's issued. Those of us that have served, know this.

There was a time when nightforce was an "off brand." U.S. Optics as well. At some point, everything was "new" and unproven. This doesn't change the fact that Leupold stopped being the only game in town around 10 years ago. Since then the high end optics market has been becoming increasingly crowded as various manufacturers have come to the table with their own high end products. U.S. Optics, Nightforce, S&B, Vortex, IOR, Premier, March, Bushnell, Kahles, Leupold, Steiner, and Zeiss just to name a few. ALL of them have products in the $2000-$3500 category and virtually all of them are under contract from some military or law enforcement agency to provide those top end optics.

Are you aware that U.S.M.C scout snipers have been using the Premier 3-15 as their primary day optic since 2008? If they don't qualify as "professionals" then I'm not just too sure who would.

Every single person whom I've had run one of these Premier's next to a Schmidt & Bender, chooses the Premier. I keep at least one S&B 5-25 around just for this reason. People ask, "so what's better, the S&B or Premier?" I say, "rather than have me tell you, why don't you play with each for a while and then you tell me." As of the last 6 months, no one chooses the S&B.

The Premier 3-15x50 Tactical counts itself easily and unquestionably among the top 5 rifle scopes ever produced, at any price.

Now this is just a polite suggestion, but perhaps you should get one in your hands... maybe even shoot behind one, before damning it? Just a thought.

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