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No surprises here.

S&B is a well known and long time maker of high end scopes in the competition world.

The bushnell scopes are a newer trend. Where as in years past bushnell was mostly considered junk, their new high end scopes are very nice at an extremely competerive price. As more people catch on to this you will see a rise in their popularity.

I use a bushnell 6500 as my standard LR shooting optic and I also use it to test our upper receivers precision before we ship them off. The new bushnell HDMR scopes are supposedly of very impressive quality at a "bargain" price.

The prevalence of 6pm/243 calibers and 105hybrid vld's as the wining combination should be no surprise either. All of the top placers, including the winner used this combo.

This is one of the major advantages of our AR15's chambered in 243WSSM. It allows us to offer the same winning ingredients in a small frame automatic.

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