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A lot of people are getting into the bushnells because they are high quality with the right features, and are WAY cheaper than the other brands with similar features.

I'll have one soon. At least 4 of them are at my local precision rifle competition.

Vortex, seems hit and miss. Some guys really like them, some have had problems and sent back under warranty. The Bushnell is quite a bit cheaper with all the features.

The 6/6.5/260/243 has a serious wind advantage and a flatter trajectory making unknown distance hits more likely. Everything in life is a trade off.... those are all barrel burners.

Almost no one in my local match is 'sponsored'- They shoot what they like, and what they can afford. The breakdown in gear looks pretty similar, except we have a number of 308's and a few factory rifles as well as the full blown customs.
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