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Originally Posted by Revoman View Post
Bill and Geoff both have great standard operating procedures, I do the same operations as a matter to fact leaning towards Bill's SOP.

A question though; Are you using the small or large powder bar? Sometimes the charge will not meter well if the bar is not correct. If the powder, in your case Bullseye, is metered in the large bar with a small amount, it won't meter well at all. You need the small bar. If you're using a bulkier or fluffier powder, the small bar may not be appropriate and you would need to switch to the large bar. I have seen and heard of these fluctuations and the fix was using the correct bar for the powder.
Correct, bulky or stick powders use large bar to get deeper rather than shallower cavity. Fine grain ball powders use the small bar.

Polishing inside of bar cavity and the whole bar externally improves the overall experience too
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