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Bill's mode is a very good way.

Here is my mode. I don't bother with having all stations filled, this will not effect drop volume IME. I plan on wasting a couple cases because they will get belled numerous times in testing.

I start dropping charges and adjusting until a single powder charge poured into a scale weighs in range desired. Assume you will never get better than + or - .05 to .1 grain accuracy anyway. This is insignificant in practice. Make sure to tap case several times over the scale pan to get all grains in flash hole out. Once a single charge is right, I then drop 2-3 charges and dump them back into hopper, then I drop and weigh 5 in a row. If range of + - is centered on my desired value, I move on to next step.

I then drop 5 in a row pouring all 5 into scale pan and take final weight and divide by 5. If this average is on the money centered on desired value I go into production.

Once I start production I pop every 3rd to 4th charged case out of seating station prior to seating and weigh it as a QC test before I really go to town. I carefully pour weighed charge back into case and put it back into seating station and resume operation. Once I have done about 30-40 rounds with this QC process I stop QC and go into full swing.

I also do the QC spot check every hundred or so rounds when in production and do one last QC check of the last round when I stop the run. I also do an initial QC spot check of 1-2 rounds each time I start a new production run. Same spot check every hundred or so rounds is always done along with last round check.

Additionally for FYI I do similar spot checks for OAL at start and during production runs to make sure all is good there too.

Every round loaded is always checked with a drop test ammo gauge prior to boxing loaded rounds.

Cannot be too careful here :-)

Hope this helps.
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