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Originally Posted by GeoffLinder View Post
Stick powders flow/measure worse than ball powders through all drop measures. There are quite a few ways to make them more accurate. Use the larger charge bar if you can so the bigger cavity depth helps fill rate. Hit handle smartly at top of stroke and count to 3 to allow flow to settle, or pause and rap measure to ensure full flow. Polish inside of drop tube to make sure no grains stick.
I agree. Also consider degreasing everything (most important the drop tube) and using only that spray on dry graphite as lube.

Bullseye drops very consistently in my Dillon drops. Using Geoff's idea of polishing the drop tube and also the bowl of the powder hopper helped greatly with Unique (although it still kind of sucks).

For the small stick powders like the VV handgun powders, they meter great in my Dillon, right up there with a fine ball powder like AA #9.

No powder drop I have ever used has ever metered the larger stick powders well. My favorite 308 Powder IMR 4064 is a drop and trickle thing for me, which would suck if I wasn't a zen master...
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