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Originally Posted by eswrite View Post
Buckle up: SCOTUS Fireworks to extend far beyond the 4th... Margin for error is thin with McCain MIA, Flake rebelling (said before today he won't vote for judicial nominees until Senate votes on tariffs), Corker doing his thing (neither of the last two subject to re-election or political enticement). And the Dems (even those in red states like Manchin) are going to be under extreme pressure to hold the blue line.
The current balance is 51:49. Even with two GOP Senators abstaining from the vote, Pence's voice will the decisive. I don't foresee any issue, unless Trump changes his tactics.

Kennedy was mostly pro-2A, that probably won't change much for us, but this replacement may solidify the conservative line on other issues. Ginsburg won't voluntary retire in the current political layout.

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