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Hey Peter,

I can break down the cost on a $51 shipment if you want?

First, it's the otd price you want, not what your paying on shipping. I know others who sell that for $78 shipped. Hence, why I ship these daily. I only sell them for $51 shipped (for 2). Notice the shipping doesn't go up much as you add? Buy a few other things

Here is the break down.

$51 shipped
$6-8 (avg fee) for shipping with confirmation for priority mail (we don't ship first class).
$36 for 2 kits.
$7 profit
minus credit card fee (3-6%) Yes. Most think the magic 3% because of paypal, but we use a merchant. So, we have a monthly fee + credit card fee.

In the end, it's a $6.58 deal. Not much is it to order an item, receive it, un-box it, re-box it for customer, then ship it priority mail? Nope.

I hope this explains it and why others charge $78 and free ship.

I hope I earned your business like I have others. Any other questions, ask away.

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