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Originally Posted by AleksandreCz View Post
I actually like the looks of this more than regular but 180 for a stripped lower +tax and dros Is way to Expensive
Yea, looks wise its love it or hate it but capabilities wise its about as light as you can get as far as lower/grip/stock goes and I would trust this design much more than a simple polymer copy of the aluminum part.

That said if you're looking to build an AR15 on the cheap I see no reason to look further than a cheap forged piece from someone like PSA. PSA lowers regularly go for $80 and there's a plethora of lowers form other vendors local and online for $100 or less, iirc turners even had an off-brand lower recently on sale for $55.

We're talking ounces difference in weight while being much more durable. These poly lowers are for people chasing every last ounce of weight away for either novelty or some sort of lightweight backpack gun. IMO if you're going to go that far I would go with a different platform entirely, the SU-16 comes to mind.

But what do I know? I'm just a godless gun grabbing liberal.
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