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[QUOTE=CCWFacts;5996924]This idea has come up here before. Taking it to its most extreme, it would be not difficult to set up a CNC milling machine so you drop in a receiver blank, push one button, and ten minutes later a ready-to-use receiver pops out. Certainly the person who is operating the machine, even if that only involves feeding in a blank and pressing a button, is the one doing the creation, so it wouldn't require paperwork.

The 80% lowers could be mass produced from a dedicated CNC machine, then shipped to gun shops. Same goes for the 80% flats.

80% AR lowers just require milling machines and drill presses to finish (there are even jigs for using drill presses alone). These are much cheaper and easier to use than a CNC machine. They could literally fit in the corner of a gun shop. The shop would rent the equipment and jigs. People would pay extra for privacy. I know I would.

80% AK flats need a press, spot welder, rivet "wrench", and drills. This stuff is cheap, and are basically one-time purchases.
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