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Exclamation Gas Chamber Spring/Spacer/Retainer Assembly (Previously Undocumented)

Ok... HUGELY important post.
I was only able to find this one other place after hours of searching on the internet.

The other day when we did the full strip and deep clean, we unscrewed the notched retainer on the end of the gas chamber (opposite side of where the piston is inserted.

This let a VERY stout spring out and also a metal spacer with metal o-ring inset into it.
We could not figure out where it went after we started to reassemble it and put it in the wrong place.
These parts are not shown anywhere in the exploded views in the owners manual.
I found one post of the exact same experience someone else had.
Also I am now not able to reinsert the spring and screw it down since I don't have the things to rig up a DIY jig so I'm out $35 to the gunsmith to screw it back down.

This is the order of the parts in the gas chamber that were removed to clean out LOTS of carbon that are not mentioned in any documentation.
(Note: Metal spacer under spring has conical-beveled edge facing spring)

Only remove these if you have 2 blocks of Delrin and a C-clamp to assist in getting it back together or don't mind bringing it to a gun smith.

Now that it is very clean I will just stay up on soaking it in solvent and lubing to avoid ever taking it apart again.

Hope this helps someone.
In us we trust. Knuckles up.

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