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Originally Posted by CasperSYTFU View Post
Besides being new to CalGuns, I am also new to shotguns.
I got a great deal for a PPT on this 930 SPX, with non of the visual markers for the early batch defects.

Besides some Defensive Shotgun classes for myself and my girlfriend, I've been reading up on some of the upgrades needed for HD (and nice things to have).

So far my wish-list is as follows (#1 & #2 being the first on order):

1. Streamlight TLR-1

2. Nordic Clamp and Rail

3. Streamlight Remote Switch

4. Nordic Speed Bolt

5. Mesa Side Sattle (6 shot)

6. ETA Safety

I like build threads and journals (used to them from my car hobbies) and will use this to organize my thoughts and as a personal reference.

Now just gotta wait out this 10 day jail period!
Number #5
turns your functioning 930spx to non functioning 930spx
it puts too much of a squeeze on the receiver that messing with the action

ops never mind I thought you was mounting it on the receiver
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