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***Special Announcment***

I worked out a special prize this month, thanks to Firearms Guide for sponsoring an awesome prize!

AR Rifles by Firearms Guide

***More Prizes Added*** 02-26

Let's do two random tickets for a choice of any one of these:
  1. 1 Box of .40S&W (Donated by BushMaster805 )
  2. 1 Box of 9mm (Donated by far from tactical )
  3. Sling 2 pt, VCAS by Blue Force Gear (Donated by chozenfew805)
  4. 2 Box of 22lr, Remington Thunderbolt
  5. Do-All Outdoors Hot Box Impact Seal Target 5''
  6. AR500 Steel "Flipper" Target, Small

Must be present to claim a prize. We'll draw around 0730pm.

***Also, Special Request by readysetgo***
If you're able and willing, bring a box of .22lr for San Jose "Second Saturday outreach" Event!

"What! Did he just ask me to give a box of gold... I mean .22? This is outrageous."

Yeah, crazy I know. Here's the deal. Like many of you, I understand how important it is to bring new shooters into the fold. Well after reading that thread and seeing what an outstanding job Calgunner Asphodel (and others) are doing up there, I felt the need to contribute. So, I'm going to be sending her at least two bricks of .22 in the next few weeks (on my dime) and thought I'd ask if you'd like to contribute as well. A love offering from SoCal to our brothers and sisters up north.

So pitch in and let's help out a program that's been doin' their thang for five (5) years straight. Five years! (btw, even if you can't help this time, that thread is a good read )
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