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Don't have a ransom rest (but I'd love access to one) and I should shoot rested more to test my pistol reloads. But why wouldn't you want to know load A is more accurate than load B,C,or D? When you're cranking out rounds by the thousands might as well use the recipe that produces the best results.

OP asked about testing his pistol reloads not his shooting skills.
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All a ransom rest proves is that load A is different (better or worse) than load B. It may prove more accurate, but so what? That's in a rest. It's when you have to factor in the shooter if you want to prove anything significant. For that matter, we shooters have to stand up on our legs, not crouch over ANY rest, if you want to prove how a shooter shoots. There's a real lack of tripods out there in the field. And that is when we find out just how crappy most of us shoot.
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Hollywood is satan!!!!

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