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Originally Posted by FloridaEllie View Post
I'm not a slutty dresser, but anything I can carry would have to be really, really small.

Do girls usually carry their guns in their bags? I could bring a gun that way, but I wouldn't feel the most secure having it there. It takes me 5 minutes to find my lipstick in my bag!
I have a purse that has a separate compartment for my gun. It's designed that way, made by Galco, and very handy. But it WASN'T cheap!! It holds my gun in the perfect position for me to be able grab it quickly. That said, I would still prefer to carry on my hip, because you KNOW how often you set your purse down in public!! And as quick as I am with the purse, I'm still faster from a holster.

As women wearing a holster is not only complicated by how we dress, but how our bodies are shaped. Because we have hips and a waist, some holsters just don't work all that well- depending on where they sit on your hip and the angle of them, it can tilt the gun in towards your waist and poke you- which also kicks the bottom of the gun out a bit and makes it harder to conceal under clothing. I almost always have to wear a jacket or a vest too- most of the time my shirts are tucked in, so that doesn't work either.

I have hip holsters for both my .357 and my 9mm that work well, but I do have to wear lower-cut pant than normal, otherwise the gun is too high up under my ribs. Of course, I'm also only 5'2"...

I got laughing with my boyfriend because he carries his 340PD in his pocket. He said, "Just get a pocket holster for it." I just had to laugh- when's the last time you saw a woman in pants that could accomodate a gun in her front pocket?! What am I wearing? Camo army pants?!
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