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Here's a few thoughts after reading this thread.

There are 2 different 10/22 'tactical' models. Ones is a basic sytnthetic 10/22 with a scope mount and flash hider, and the other is a bull barrel with bipod and hogue stock.

As far as trigger work, there's 3 basic ways to go about getting insanely good trigger pulls: 1) PC hammer & Sear kit (not just hammer kit), plus RT trigger (lever) and RT torsion spring. That will cost about $100 and some of your time which will force you to learn the insides of the 10/22. 2) a drop in trigger like VQ or Kidd (pricey, but outstanding). and 3) send your trigger assembly to some one (like Brimstone) and he can get your trigger working and feeling awesome.

If any of you are looking to target shoot (not plinking, but getting good 50 yd groups), look at other stocks like Boyd's and Bell & Carlson. The Hogue looks good and is durable, but is too flexy for really good accuracy.

If you get addicted to these 10/22's like some of us have, remember, if you chase accuracy, look at yourself and the ammo first, cuz the rifles are generally just fine. I've seen way too many people sinking money into their 10/22 saying it's not accurate enough when all it was was the ammo.

I highly recommend anyone really getting into or wanting to get into 10/22's to go check out
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