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Default Good experence!

I have lived in Dublin for almost 5 years now and have been "iffy" about going to J&R as i have heard bad things in the past. I have always gone to Doms, Big5 or Bass Pro. After three HORRABLE trips to BassPro, i have decided not to go back and support a company that supports us gun owners they way we support them. I found myself at J&R.

I have now purchased quite a few firearms from them all at VERY, and i mean VERY good prices. I walked out last time with three diffrent firearms for $230. Ya. Seriously. A vintage 1924 12 gauge, a Kar98 with a synthetic stock and an AR15 lower.

There consignment rack is off the hook! For me the best part is when i joined there facebook. They post the consignments and ammo they get when they get them. If you give them a call they will hold it for you. Great if you work out of town (as i work in Santa Cruz and get screwed by the ammo zombies)

All in all. I give they 9/10. If they had a bigger ammo stock i would give them 10/10. Customer service is on par with all other family owned shops.