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CERT trained

We're using it at work as the foundation/introduction to disaster response in general. After that class we diversify -- first aid, CPR / AED, then ALS, wildland fire suppression, USAR, and ICS (Command) plus a couple of other specialties.

I found it useful. However it is focused on mascal events. For instance, CERTs won't go into CPR at all, because CPR ties down more resources than you're going to want to expend in a large-scale disaster... so you will want to fill in those blanks if you haven't already. We didn't talk about Quick-Clot but tourniquet technique was emphasized...

Like any class, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. We did lots of live exercises, and those were by far the most useful.

New class starting in January, some of us will be teaching.
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