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Originally Posted by rm1911 View Post
What we should demand then is simple. We "give" on uni background checks. If we pass then we buy whatever the hell we want. If we're "safe" then it doesn matter what gun I buy. And if I'm safe to own a gun then I'm safe for ccw. Period end of story.

Force them into accepting their own stupidity. They can't have it both ways. I'm no threat with a bolt 3006 or an ar15 with 100 rd drum mags. They want something from us. They better have something to offer othe than "you're still allowed..." If not then F*** them
This is an argument I pull out sometimes. 'Alright, I'll submit to all this vetting. What do I get in return now? Give me one good reason, now that you've confirmed I'm kosher beyond the shadow of a doubt, I can't go buy a box of hand grenades.'

Shuts them up pretty quick.
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