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Originally Posted by Hoop View Post
That's the whole point of a background check, the problem is that you are missing out on the whole "...they also want to keep records of every brand/model firearm owned by everyone" thing. It is de facto national registration for all firearms.

If they wanted to do national INSTANT background checks that didn't record any information about the actual firearm being transferred then I would be in favor of it, but even then it does very little since criminals will still just sell 'em to each other as they always have....
Who are you quoting when you write "...they also want to keep records of every brand/model firearm owned by everyone". I too would not agree to a national database of properly owned firearms by people who are not prohibited from owning them. I don't support lists that can give rise to the fear that the government is coming to take away your legally owned firearm.

I do however support background checks that show that when; if you are not on a "prohibited from owning firearms" list, and are transferring a weapon that is not on a stolen or "wanted" list; you can make those transfers within the mandated waiting periods without permanent records.
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