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here's the breakdown of the whole "what goes into the bound book" question:

Once you recieve your C&R license, EVERY SINGLE C&R GUN you acquire from that point goes into the bound book. If it's on the ATF's C&R list, it goes in the book. Even if you bought it at the local gun shop and had to do a 10 day wait, it goes in the book. If a gun in your book leaves, you must record that as well.

There is no such thing as "using" your license in this regard. You ARE licensed, you do not USE your license. If your Garand is a "U.S. Rifle, caliber .30, M1, original issue only, produced prior to 1958", it goes in the book regardless of where you got it. If you buy a Yugo M59 from Big 5, it goes in the book. <- anything listed on that site goes in your bound book.

Now, any C&R gun you had BEFORE you got your license does not need to go in your bound book, even if you sell it once you get your license (only guns logged into the book get logged OUT of the book)

As for the woodless dane question, the ATF says a barreled action is NOT C&R. It doesn't go in the book. Legally, it would have to go through a 01 FFL.
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