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Originally Posted by joedogboy View Post
How about changing it to "too many"? I don't think that anyone could argue against the idea that too many LEOs are lax in their care and handling of firearms, or that too many LEOs shoot innocent people every year - since even ONE is too many in a group that is given special status based on the assumption (often incorrect) that they are highly trained and prepared.
My theory on that is that a certain number of LEOs are 'gun people' but a large percentage arent. By gun people I mean persons who had an affinity for firearms before they entered LE. Many if not most have had safe and proper gun handling repeatedly drilled into them sense they were toddlers. It's second nature. But many LEOs have no interest in guns outside of there profession. A mere list of safety rules, taught later in life, cannot replace living the creed throughout your formative years. My buddy told me he had hell learning to point his weapon in real life situations. He would hold off slightly to one side unless he was certain the person was a real, immediate, threat. Cops are trained how to shoot people, gun people are taught how to avoid shooting people.

Thousands of folks carrying every day who don't know any more about guns than they were taught in the academy and caring less, is going to add up to some accidents.
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