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Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
So let me get this straight, you are angry at LEOís because they enforce the laws that you as a citizen are partly responsible for creating (you can vote and be politically active right) and you are angry at all LEOís because some LEOís treat some gun owners badly.

It seems to me that this post started as one LEO going on record and publishing an opinion in a police magazine that people who hold CCW's should be treated respectfully, but you want to focus on the fact that someone heard it from a LEO that this LEO did not like people who were not LEOís carrying guns. Other than talk garbage, what supposedly this LEO DONE?.

You say that a lot of the LEOís in your local seem to have a poor attitude. Have you ever though that YOUR ATTITUDE may be a contributing factor on that.

Iím not saying that some LEOís do not have poor attitudes, Iím just saying that it is a two way street and that there are some LEOís here on this site that are bending over backwards to meet you more than half way.

I believe the contrast that some are expressing here is that LEO's in different areas (CA specifically) have stated in new articles that they are trained to view citizens with firearms as potential threats, this has translated into CCW or UOC private individuals being percieved as a threat, something that needs to be neutralized or stopped and assessed with regularity where as in other states or areas where CCW or LOC is considered mainstream or common place the LEO's are far more respectful of those carrying.

The attitudes recently expressed by a LEO in the Bay Area or comments by LEO's concerning the UOC movement mirror the sentiments and concerns being expressed by many on here about a stark attitude and approach difference by LEO's in various municipalities vs how firearm carrying non LEO's are viewed or trated in other states.
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