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I'm not surprised people are still talking about this. It all falls in a grey area and the idea was to make it confusing and scare people. Enforcement is a non-issue because of the judge thing, you can have any magazines and burden of proof falls on them. Can you import/export something? Legally no and I'm not saying you should because you are responsible for what you do, but it doesnt fall under anybody's jurisdiction because california doesn't regulate interstate commerce and whoever you bought something from would have no enforcement due to state-line jurisdictions. Cant prosecute somebody under california law who lives on the other side of the country. Magazines pass through the mail all the time, postal employees can't just x-ray and rip open packages without a warrant, and those are not easy to get. There isn't a difference between a 10 and 17 round magazine on an xray, so good luck with all that.

Again, this was all created to waste your time and give you something to be afraid of. The penalties are a joke anyway, a $200 fine for possession. Unless it's a felony, and again good luck convincing a jury of that.
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