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Today I had a 10 minute conversation with Joan Friedlander, the Ranger in charge of the Orosco area. She forwarded me the notice of cancelation:

It is with great regret that today I have to cancel the Orosco Ridge Target Shooting Area cleanup that is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, November 7, 2009.
I will do my best to explain what led to my decision today to cancel this event that so many of you have invested your valuable time.
The concerns that lead to the need to cancel the event revolve around the type of protective equipment that must be worn when working in areas that have hazardous materials such as lead and/or antimony. These can be absorbed through handling and/or or through breathing dust in areas where these metals are concentrated. Unfortunately, we cannot simply provide masks to mitigate exposure as this would be a violation of OSHA requirements.
I am not comfortable in placing either you or my employees in a situation where the health risks from exposure are “uncertain” and necessary protective equipment cannot be used.
We will do every thing we can to get information about the cancellation to volunteers. We have changed our voice message at the office and have changed the Forest web site to get the word out. I ask all of you to help us inform others that this weekend’s cleanup is cancelled. I have my staff assisting with calling back any volunteers that we have phone numbers for to ensure they do not show up on Saturday. Further, we will be at Orosco Ridge this Saturday to meet any volunteers who did not get the word on the cancellation. I sincerely apologize to the San Diego County Gun Rights and Cal Guns--that I put in terrible positions of having worked so hard on this event only for me to cancel it at the last minute.
So what does this mean for the future? Orosco will be open for shooting this Saturday. As many of you know, the District is undertaking a management review of Orosco Ridge Target Shooting Area as we do feel that it needs to be better managed. We will likely kick off this effort in January. Immediate safety concerns revolve around areas where the lead has landed, not where the brass has landed. Further, I want you all to know that the Forest Service goes into this management review with no bias towards or against the use of the area for shooting. We do believe it needs to be managed differently than it is today and will work closely with interested parties to develop a management plan that best serves the public, while providing for the care of the natural ecosystem.
Again, please accept my sincere apologies for the late notification of our canceling this cleanup.
If you need further information, please call us. Debbie Hobbs and I are in the best position to address your concerns or answer questions. I can be reached at 760-788-0250 (ext 3324) or by e-mail at and Debbie can be reached at 760-788-0250 (ext. 3327), or by
Joan Friedlander
District Ranger, Palomar Ranger District, Cleveland National Forest

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