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For now, since you are only shooting revolver rounds, there is no need to tumble. A damp rag will be enough to wipe off the soot and you won't need to remove any dirt/mud since the cases won't be hitting the ground. Folks have been reloading cartridges for decades before tumblers/sonic cleaners/steel pins came out.

One of the tricks to avoid sooty cases is to ensure proper pressure and case expansion.

As others said, a hand press will work and if you don't shoot more than 50-100 in session, then you should be OK. It will take a couple of hours to load that many and you'll be pretty worn out at the end of the session. With a single stage press mounted on a Black & Decker Workmate bench and held on with some C-clamps, you will take almost as long, but the effort will be much less and the space requirements will be almost as small in that everything can be broken down, folded up and put away in a box.

I recommend a Lee Breechlock Challenger kit (not the Anniversary kit) because you can prime off press or on press (one primer at a time). You will always be able to use the single stage press in the future for rifle rounds, sizing cast bullets or single step fixes while you use a turret/progressive.
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