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Originally Posted by gorenut View Post
I think I'm finally going to get into reloading because I realized that I do restrict a lot of my shooting due to ammo costs. I love shooting 357mag and 44mag, but price gets pretty crazy just buying the ammo. Whats always stopped me from reloading is that I really don't have any space. I live in a small apartment with my girlfriend and I'm not kidding when I say we don't even have space to set up stool as a reloading setup. So I know a lot of you might advise against it, but I think I'm going to go ahead with a Lee's hand press. I know its really slow, so I most likely won't reload 9mm since I go through them too fast and I buy factory reloads for not that much more than it might cost to reload.

So I have a few questions..
1. First off I will primarily be reloading 357mag. What kind of savings will I be looking at here for just plinking ammo? I know reloading match ammo doesn't yield too much savings and I'll probably do it every now and then, but I'm really looking to save on range plinking ammo. Also throw 44mag and 45ACP in here. If I start reloading, I'll definitely get more guns in these calibers.

You will pay 50 to 70% of factory price on handloads depending on components

2. So I'll get the Lee hand press (I believe these come with funnel and the other small stuff), the appropriate carbide dies, brass tumbler, and something to weigh it all.. anything else really necessary aside from manuals, etc?

Lee hand press is caliber specific my buddy started on one and swears by it. I started on a 3 hole turret which i still use for almost everything from .38 to .30.06. Cheap and easy to expand

3. On the topic of manuals.... with all the sources on the net.. what are some reliable ones? I've already did some research on reloading and have heard differing views on the necessity of manuals. Essentially, everything in the manuals can be found on the net and just printed out.

Since you are looking at lee equipment his manual is good for noobs and others although he sells his gear, which may be good for you, the info is sound

4. Since I've already brought up my small space (one of the downsides of living near work in CA), I have limited storage space. I probably will never buy primers and powder in bulk which I know also diminishes on the money I save.. but I'd still be interested in any storage advice. From what I've gathered, just keep them separate, possibly in low static, and even in their original packaging. I'm hearing differing views on the potential for fires on these items... essentially many do think its overstated and we probably have things under out kitchen sink thats more volatile.

I used to store my gear in a milk crate in my garage. Now i have way too much stuff for one crate so i have dedicated shelves in the garage. Keep your stuff away from the water heater and other open flames and you should be good to go.

I'm open to any tips in equipment or reloading in general. I'm actually quite excited as this is letting me still be in the shooting hobby without being on the range. Lately my schedule hasn't allowed me to be free during range hours.. so this'll give me something extra to do on free nights. Maybe I can even talk my lady into doing some of the stages like removing the spent primer on her free time

Sorry I know this is a lot and much of it can be Googled (which I'm already doing and will continue doing.. just want extra sources) but I'd definitely appreciate it if anyone in here can share some helpful tidbits on any single points.
I answered above but dont know how to bold. Good luck.
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Of course they are in free territory where they can pick up ammunition at the local 5 and dime without going through a criminal background check. All we get is legalized pot.
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