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Originally Posted by Midian View Post
So we aren't at the ** TIME TO APPLY ** stage, then. Well, nevertheless, you guys did a hell of a job twisting their arm. Hopefully soon they'll cry "uncle!"
Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
Actually, we are, but differently. Without applicants making their way through the new process, we don't get data that offers indications of how the policy is being applied.

I don't think the process was the overarching problem as much as the inconsistencies pertaining to who did, and did not, get approved using very similar if not identical GC's. Of course taking into consideration the morale character requirements were met (no felonies, domestics, etc) by both classes. The process was broken relative to the departments response time dictated by law, however, the ultimate conclusions reached were the of the biggest concern. What will be interesting to see now is the written reason stating why an applicant failed to meet the Departments 'issuing criteria'.

At the least the process and timeline reaching inconsistent approvals is streamlined. But as noted by others, I like the pressure CGF is putting on VC and letting them know the process is being monitored. That's why I am a VC sponsor.


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