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Originally Posted by One78Shovel View Post
I have received some PM's from a few that have been denied recently in both initial and appeal submittals, including myself.

From what I gather you best have something better than 'Self Defense' as a GC which Sheriff Dean has previously approved freely.

Personally, I'm very dissapointed in the Sheriff.

Just my 2-cents.

Originally Posted by dieselpower View Post
Please keep this in mind....
Please keep this in mind....

Dean bases his decisions partly on a 1977 state attorney general's opinion that to obtain a permit, the applicant must have a need for self-defense that exceeds that of the average citizen, Aranda said. Applicants also must live in the county and have no felony convictions or history of violence or mental health problems, he said.


Hello Houston- We have a problem.

Dean DOES NOT base his decisions on the 1977 opinion as was displayed with the recent release of GC statements he did approve.

Dean speaks out both sides of his mouth it appears.

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