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Originally Posted by Dark Water View Post
Is it even possible for a convicted felon to get there 2nd ammendment rights restored? This is all news to me.
Just thought I would chime in this thread, as I originally came here to read discussion on the DC vs Heller decision and spotted this thread.

Yes, Felons can get thier gun rights restored. I was convicted in 2002 of a felony, non-voilent, non-gun, non-drug related, the court even allowed me to transfer my guns that I had to a family member. who kept them for me until i completed probation (5yrs) upon succesfully completing probation, we petitioned to judge to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor, and for expungement which was granted.

2 days later, walked in gun shop, bought me my first gun in 6 years, cleared NICS. and walked out the door, 3 months later, I was issued my Concealed Weapons Permit.

So yes, some felons can have thier rights restored. Luckliy I live in a gun freindly state of Idaho.
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