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Any banned weapon can be seized when a LEO sees it, the owner brought up on charges. The state can go after those who have registered, as it has the time, but you cannot use a banned weapon, even for a lawful purpose, without facing charges yourself.

This has another dimension. Since you are now a criminal, you will be reluctant to discuss what you have with others. You will be reluctant to travel with the banned weapon, lest an ordinary traffic issue turn into felony charges and seizure. You are guilty, which will color any interaction with LEO's, not knowing what they know or don't.

This tends to isolate people from each other. It makes planning for emergencies more difficult, the formation of a militia in response to any significant threat harder. You are somewhat immobilized, and develop ditrust in LEO's or any government rep. Having someone do work in your home may be problematic for the amount of space you have to conceal "bad stuff".

Damage is done to the fabric of society, and the hold of government increased.

Since government can't get them all, when they do find someone, an example will be made, to the fullest extent of law and the imagination of a prosecutor. They'll examine your dog to find out if they can add sodomy to the writ. You can bet any family members they can get to will have their homes tossed, in case they are accomplices.

It's for the children, y'know.

Resistance is not futile, but it has a price, general and individual.
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