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Originally Posted by randian View Post

Whether or not you've lost value in a property ban depends on whether that property is durable? If we banned, say, cabbages, cabbage sellers haven't lost anything because their cabbages were going to go bad anyway?
Actually, yes. A cabbage would probably go bad long before the police got around to picking them up. Your analogy stunk. Nobody's coke got confiscated by police going door to door in 1924. That's not how it happened.

You're determined to make your point, aren't you? I'm - what - the third guy you've had to go around and around with?

Look, I'm not here to defend this awful bill. I think it's yet another unacceptable infringement on our rights. Like you, I'm tired of having things criminalized and effectively taken away from me (which, as someone said, is what having to hide it or store it in another state effectively does anyway), when I've never done anything to anyone in my entire life.

Tell you what - IF this passes into law, why don't we let the lawyers at SAF and NRA argue whether the "ex post facto" prohibition truly applies? (Good idea to donate money to them, actually.) I doubt any of us here have the training to figure it out on our own - ultimately it's going to be for a judge to figure out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the range.
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