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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
Wow, clearly, critical thinking is dead. I have suggested that instead of thumping liberals over the head with 2A rhetoric from the beginning, we instead introduce them to firearms from the more begnign aspect of sportsmanship, recreation, family bonding, etc. Then again, maybe you are just another one of those tinfoil hat conservatives whose sole reason for owning firearms is to protect yourself from "gubment teariny" Sorry, Merc, but I seriously doubt, even on this board, that the most compelling reason to own a firearm is fear of the feds. I'm sure that for most of us, the primary reason for owning firearms is that they are fun to shoot. That is precisely why there is but one 2A heading and more than twenty threads dedicated to other aspects of gun ownership, including "sport".
So back to the crap talking once you're unable to actually articulate a response. Cute.
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