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Originally Posted by IVC View Post
This would again assume that you can guarantee that the issue is a violation of the vehicle code. The LEO might think differently when he issues the order and not tell you.

To get to the point, what would you consider a good scenario where you would disobey a direct order by an LEO? We are discussing at least somewhat plausible scenarios, not along the lines of "singing and dancing." Also, I am assuming that the order happens after you have withdrawn any consent and have stopped/are done talking.

This is a genuine question since it tends to be a source of a lot of confusion, much like the infinite threads about how to answer "do you have any weapons in the car."
Here is a good one:

A cop tells you to stop video taping or recording them while they conduct their offical duties in public. That is one demand/order that a citizen often gets from the police and should almost always refuse to follow!

Originally Posted by Doheny View Post

If you're a passenger in a stopped car and the officer tells you to get out (or do anything else), you don't think you need to?

Your lack of undestanding applies to not only the F&G code, but the CVC as well.
And you aren't totally right either.

A passenger does not have to comply with all request/orders from a cop like the driver does. For instance, a passenger does not have to provide ID.
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