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Originally Posted by Delta-9 View Post
I'm already supporting the store by purchasing something, why should I be forced to support them with an extra $5. Would you like to pay an extra $5 at every store you shop at just because you like them?
Good point! As a powerful community we should band together and boycott all businesses and organizations that charge fees on top of their basic service charges. I think I'll start by cancelling my Costco membership. $35 a year so I can spend good money on pallets of burritos, duct tape and toilet paper just doesn't seem fair. And after checking out the BS fees on my utility bills I'm cancelling all of them too. And I don't think I'll be buying gasoline here anymore either. I'll order it online from some guy in Oklahoma who lives in his mom's basement and save the state taxes and AQMD and CARB fees. That'll show em...
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