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Originally Posted by nephrodoc View Post
Yes, I also inquired about drilling in my PT slab. I was told it would void my home warranty, possibly my homeowners insurance as well. I already have a hard enough time finding homeowners insurance due to my high fire risk.

The only option was to get a licensed company to mark the tendons with X-ray. Not worth the risk or hassle in my opinion.
If you had literally nothing, you could honestly do this project with hand tools and have the whole thing finished for under $150 easy buying the essential tools. You could almost certainly borrow the essential tools and be done for less than $50 if you are in a pinch. Definitely not worth the risk or hassle.
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Originally Posted by KWalkerM View Post
eh why bring logic into this, that makes too much sense... besides when you have bested a fool, you have accomplished nothing and he is a fool.
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